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Welcome to the Introduction to Kettlebells Program

Building strength not only protects your muscles and bones, it can also help you live longer! Regular exercise slows the rate of muscle loss while restoring muscle strength and power to your individual peak potential – no matter your age or fitness level.  

If you’re taking longer to recover after a cardio session, struggling with muscular imbalances and subsequent injuries or just feeling more fatigued at the end of the day, it’s time to increase your functional strength. Training with kettlebells offers a quick, efficient way to increase your athleticism while improving your flexibility, mobility and balance.

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Some benefits you may love:

All-in-one conditioning

Improve balance and stabilizer muscles

Engage the entire body

Raise your metabolic rate

Improve fitness levels

Build lean muscle


This Introduction to Kettlebells Program is a useful guide to introduce you to the world of kettlebell training. In each section, you’ll learn how to master the basics safely and discover the best ways to use kettlebells as simple, effective tools to get stronger and move better.

Kettlebells have been used for centuries to improve strength and agility. They can help you too



Kettlebell training isn’t new. In fact, history shows these bell-shaped, cast-iron domes with handles have been used for centuries in ancient Greece, Rome, Turkey and Russia to improve strength and endurance.

Kettlebells are inexpensive, dynamic training tools that take up very little space in your home or gym and are simple to lift and maneuver. However, it can take years to master each kettlebell exercise from start to finish. This is where the fun and challenge of kettlebell training comes in.

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of kettlebells is that they’re dynamic in nature and help to improve functional, day-to-day strength such as moving heavier objects without getting hurt.

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A note from the Founder: Lawrence van Lingen.

My name is Lawrence, founder of Innerunner. I’m passionate about helping people move the best to be their best. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome pain and injury and worked with some of the best athletes in the world to achieve their goals and ultimately perform better. I’m excited to embark on this journey of transformation with you.

Move well, run well, be well.

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