Good Morning Routine

September 4, 2020

Good Morning Routine.


Before the world distracts you and pulls a part, create time and space to center your mind and get your mind, body and breath ready for the day.

Here a few tips to incorporate into your morning routine regardless of the day ahead.

Morning Routine:

  • Wake up.
  • No phone or news until you are centered.
  • Reset breathing and center yourself.
  • 10 x slow round and arch: Lie on your back, bend your knees, breathe softly in through nose as you arch, softly out through nose as you round your spine.
  • As you breathe in be grateful for all that you have.
  • As you breathe out, realize that you are connected to and part of the world.
  • Decide on 3 key objectives for the day.
Set yourself up for success. We have developed 2 routines to suit the pace of your morning.

A slow go with the flow morning:

  • A movement exploration, yoga, or mobility routine 20 to 40 minutes.
  • 20 to 40 minutes meditation.
  • Journal.
  • Creative or important work that requires concentration.

Fast-paced morning:

  • After round and arch, get up and walk around a bit doing morning chores.
  • Then 10x synchronous hips and 10 x spinal wave.
  • Do the movements slowly, 6 seconds breathe in 6 seconds breathe out.
  • This will combine elements of mobility and meditation into one.
  • The deliberate slow breath and movement, will reinforce, smooth is fast and set up a controlled and efficient pace to the day, rather than phrenetic.
  • Be the center of the storm.

Try breathe low, soft, slow deep (LSSD) 6 breaths per minute for 5 minutes 3 times per day to recenter, calm your mind and steady your purpose.

The 5 minutes of LSSD breaths can be done during routines such as making tea to make it time efficient.

Either count slow 6 counts as you breathe in through your nose and 6 slow counts as you breathe out your nose, or use the “Breathing App” to help time your breathing.

Taking time out of your day, to calm, center and strategize will help create space and time in your day as your work becomes more on point, purposeful and efficient.

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Lawrence van Lingen

I have helped thousands of elite and desperate people overcome career ending or insurmountable injuries and helped many achieve significant breakthrough in performance. Learn how to run and move better and run faster with less injury.The channel has simple running fundamentals and then more advanced running concepts.Start with Rule no 1. of running "Control your Center of Mass" and start with a simple daily flexibility routine. I suggest you start with doing the "penguins".Ask if you need help and let me help you run and move your best.

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