Rock Bottom and the Four Horses

May 31, 2019

Rock Bottom is an excellent place to start a journey.

There is a Zen story about the four types of horses. An excellent horse, a good horse, a poor horse and a bad horse.
The excellent horse turns or canters at the shadow of the masters whip, the good horse turns or canters at the sight of the whip, the poor horse must feel the whip on their skin and the bad horse must feel the whip in the marrow of his bones before he will turn or canter. Most people would like to be the excellent or good horse. Most people will also feel that the bad horse has no hope. This is not true.

I used to say I work best with elite athletes or desperate people. Elite athletes can sense the shadow of the whip and are highly motivated to change. Desperate people have tried everything and have often given up, not completely or they would not seek help. Often they are open minded as they have tried many paths. Importantly they are by necessity process orientated, as are most elite athletes. If you have hit rock bottom any progress is valued. As long as you can stay process orientated you can keep improving. It does not matter where you're at, everyone on this earth should be process or journey orientated and not result orientated.

The same Zen masters believe it is the bad horse that makes the best Caligraphy student, at first their progress is slow, but later they can stay in the process and overcome the difficult and challenging obstacles. The good horse that found calligraphy easy in the beginning stumbles.

Comparing yourself to others can make it very hard to focus on process. It does not matter who you are or where you have been or what you have done. Process will set you free.
Start small but do it every day. Every day the journey must be takin up anew.

For your body , start small and spend some time with your body every day. Do it in the morning and then no matter how the day unfolds you have worked on your journey.

You can try “penguins” or “horizontal meditation” from my videos or whatever you like, but start.

Keep on keeping on tribe and be sure to share if you started small and it grew to something wonderful.

Lawrence van Lingen

I have helped thousands of elite and desperate people overcome career ending or insurmountable injuries and helped many achieve significant breakthrough in performance. Learn how to run and move better and run faster with less injury.The channel has simple running fundamentals and then more advanced running concepts.Start with Rule no 1. of running "Control your Center of Mass" and start with a simple daily flexibility routine. I suggest you start with doing the "penguins".Ask if you need help and let me help you run and move your best.

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