Running 100: Posture and Center of Mass

September 24, 2015

The most important aspect of running is to control your center of mass and posture. Mistakes made in running posture and or your center of mass cannot be corrected by changes elsewhere in your running form. Any changes made in an attempt to correct mistakes made from center of mass will simply lead to a compensated error that will usually end up creating a new set of problems, but at the very least it will make running more complicated than it needs to be.

An example of this is very often a runner's hands will be too far in front of them, this shifts their center of mass back. The runner now throws his or her feet out in front of them and this results in an inefficient heel strike with increased impact. Changing how the foot lands on the ground now becomes a compensation that requires thought and or effort and is less efficient and may lead to injury.

Here is a you tube video on controlling your center of mass. Running Posture

Here is an excellent fall to help you become were of your center of mass and correct your posture to be more central and neutral. "The Only Drill"

Lawrence van Lingen

I have helped thousands of elite and desperate people overcome career ending or insurmountable injuries and helped many achieve significant breakthrough in performance. Learn how to run and move better and run faster with less injury.The channel has simple running fundamentals and then more advanced running concepts.Start with Rule no 1. of running "Control your Center of Mass" and start with a simple daily flexibility routine. I suggest you start with doing the "penguins".Ask if you need help and let me help you run and move your best.

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