The Innerunner Workshops are extensive running programs that are designed to change your life!


This workshop has been carefully crafted through decades of experience treating, shaping and working with athletes of all abilities. Prepare for a catalyst for change. The program is designed to unlock fluid movement and your athletic potential, helping you throw off the anchors of inhibition, regardless of your level as an athlete. It is intended to deepen and broaden your understanding of your body, mind and spirit – as well as their direct and intimate connection – so that your running becomes a beautiful reflection of the harmony between all three.


Whilst working with thousands of clients over the last few years, the vast majority of them are exhibiting signs of what I call a breathing crisis.

The breathing crisis is at the heart of so many stuck patterns of injury, spine pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, concentration and attention deficit, and poor heart and lung health.

Stress and tension has become a huge part of our everyday life and most of us don’t have the time to deal with it, so we soldier on!

As we know, stress and anxiety leads to a cycle of poor decision-making, under-performing athletically and lack of creativity. People get stuck in patterns of reflex action, rather than being calm enough to choose appropriate responses.

You have the ability to enhance every aspect of your life and transform your athletic ability through the power of breathing. The Innerunner Breathe-to-Thrive workshop dives deep into the topic of The Breath Crisis and how you can use the power of your breath to alleviate stress and tension from your life.

"The improvements in your running, and in other aspects of your life, are profound. It is truly transformational."

"Lawrence’s perspective on running and holistic approach is a gift. I am very grateful to be a part of this journey with this InnerTribe."

“How can such small, simple exercises, executed without grace and fluidity, achieve so much flow and calm”