The Innerunner Workshops are extensive running programs that are designed to change your life!



The Innerunner workshop is like nothing else in this world. With over twenty years of uniquely diverse experience, not least as an elite athlete himself, Lawrence has created this workshop to transcend your running performance and unleash your true potential. This 12-week workshop will change the way you move and feel, in running and in life.


Breathing is a hot topic right now with so many different techniques and methods. Do you want to improve your breathing? Are you aware that you hold your breath and hold tension in your chest, neck and shoulders? Do you get out of breath or tired easily? Do you snore and wake up with a dry mouth? Would you like to safely navigate the world of breathing and learn to free up your breath, mind and body?

The Breathe-to-Thrive workshop teaches you the fundamentals, master the basics and enhance your breath performance and vitailty.

"The improvements in your running, and in other aspects of your life, are profound. It is truly transformational."

"Lawrence’s perspective on running and holistic approach is a gift. I am very grateful to be a part of this journey with this InnerTribe."

“How can such small, simple exercises, executed without grace and fluidity, achieve so much flow and calm”